red river gorge

red river gorge cabins

i am typically a city or beach vacation kind of girl, but my husband loves the mountains, hiking and rock climbing. when i brought up the idea of renting a cabin for thanksgiving break, he literally jumped up and down. so, we rented a pet friendly cabin from and headed out for a weekend away.

mammoth arch cabin living room

the cabin was nice and clean and came with an equipped kitchen.

mammoth arch cabin dining area

these was also a cute dining area for thanksgiving, and a yummy cabernet!

mammoth arch cabin hot tub

the hot tub was great for chilly evenings and the kids loved it too!

mammoth arch cabin sunrise

watching the sun rise over the mountains was so pretty!

mammoth arch

this arch was just steps away from our cabin and a great place to catch the sunset. my husband took our kids out for hikes and showed them rock formations and sedimentary rocks. they thought it was pretty cool.

red river gorge snowy creek

we went exploring and there was so much to see!

red river gorge mossy trees


the trees were mossy and the snowy leaves on the ground were gorgeous.

red river gorge moss

the rocks were covered with snowy moss.

red river gorge lake views

the views from this lake were fantastic.

red river gorge creeks

this creek was the perfect place to skip stones.

miguels pizza

miguel’s is the best! this pizza is so fantastic after a long hike. the staff is crazy friendly too. i like my slice with pesto, broccoli, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and tomatoes. yummm! find out more at

miguels pizza souvenirs

we had to grab some souvenirs from our trip. and you have to try an ale-8 while you’re in the area, it tastes like gingerale!

classic kentucky recipes

on the way back, we stopped in lexington. we grabbed some bagels from magee’s and i picked up a couple copies of this cookbook at the morris bookshop. my husband’s friend wrote it and it’s filled with classic southern recipes. they also look approachable, so i’ll be trying them out. you can find it here

evergreen swag

i also picked up this pretty swag for my front door from wilson nurseries in frankfort. i love it! they have beautiful holiday decor, find out more at

holy hill inn

the next day we headed out to holly hill inn to celebrate the holidays with my husband’s family. brunch there is fantastic. i started with a green salad with creole vinaigrette. then i had eggs sardou, which were fantastic and perfectly prepared. the meal ended with a flourless chocolate cake. it was divine. check out for more information.

foxhollow farms

we then headed over to foxhollow farm. a friend of my son won a pumpkin decorating contest there and his prize was a guided tour of the farm. it was a beautiful day and one of the owners, janey newton, gave us a tour. we saw rams, black pigs, chickens, cows, and the garden. it was fun to watch the kids get excited about nature and farming! the tour was great and foxhollow is an amazing local resource. find out more at

Cheers! - lh

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