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jackknife cafe

there have been some new places that have opened up in louisville and it’s always fun to try them out. there are new places for lunches out and date night too, and some new shopping as well! i also wanted to tell you about the grocery delivery service i am using. i thought it was just produce, but they offer so much more!

dining out

jackknife cafe / 1201 story avenue (inside butchertown market) / www.jackknifecafe.com / this hip cafe is a fantastic place to grab lunch / my husband and i split the blt sub avacado for the bacon and a brie sandwich / the blt was great with a yummy garlic mayo and thinly sliced tomatoes / the brie sandwich was tasty too with paper thin apples and spinach / the interior here is beyond super cool / after lunch you have to wander through work the metal which has expanded and has fantastic gifts and decor

el camino

el camino / 1314 bardstown road / www.elfreakingcamino.com / this is a super fun hot spot to have dinner / the interior is cool and the surfing videos add a coastal vibe / we started out with the chips and mucho guac, and the guacamole was fresh and the salsa verde was my favorite / we also split the mushroom and goat cheese torta, which was yummy and the enchiladas suizas which were great too!

atlantic no. 5

atlantic no. 5 / 605 west main street / www.atlanticno5.com / the interior here is super cool / i am loving the way they are serving the food and the drink station is cool as well / the get here is the grilled cheese, it really is all that / we split that and paired it with tomato soup / the choclate ship cookies that we brought home for later were super delicious too



swag circe

swag circe / 3642 brownsboro road / www.circeswag.com / i checked out the new circe swag boutique that opened recently with my daughter and we were both in love / she found cute earrings that she loved and kiel james patrick bracelets / i found cute tees that i have my eye on and there are beautiful accessories for the home! / this is a fantastic addition to the area and in a dangerously convenient location



green bean delivery

green bean delivery / www.greenbeandelivery.com / i had heard of this service for a while and the concept seemed nice / you get a crate of organic produce delivered to your home once a week / i am picky and have picky kiddos too, and i never thought i could use it all / i did not realize you could customize the box to your likes, each time you get an email telling you what the crate will contain and you can remove and add what you like / they also offer organic milk, eggs and cheese and almost all the groceries you could need including local gourmet products / i ordered milk, veggie burgers and buns in addition to my produce / i am impressed and this has made our hectic lives easier and more fun!!

Cheers! - lh

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