leah's louisville - dinner out vol. 2

ramsis cafe on the world

louisvillians have a ton of different options when it comes to cuisines! there are also plenty of different atmospheres too! if you want to go casual and grab a slice of pizza on a weekend afternoon or you're looking for awesome asian carryout, you can find it here! you can also have an upscale happy hour on the patio at asiatique with your girlfriends! you can’t miss my sources for gourmet groceries and locally made products. here are my picks in town!

cuban / mexican / cajun / latin

ramsi’s / www.ramsiscafe.com / 1293 bardstown road / there are just a few things i miss about being a vegetarian, and my favorite dish here is one / the pollo nuevo havana - blackened chicken breast, tamarindo jalapeno sauce, gournay style cheese with basmati rice, stir-fried vegetables - is delicious!

taco punk

taco punk / www.tacopunk.com / 736 east market street / seasonal veggie mole taco on the housemade tortilla / this casual hip taco bar is fun and has great authentic taste


mojito tapas / www.mojitotapas.com / 2231 holiday manor center / mojito / pequillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese topped with marcona olives and honey / vegetarian flatbread with goat cheese, sofrito sauce, tapenade, roasted pepper and herb salad / it’s great to gather with girlfriends here over mojitos and tapas

cafe lou lou

café lou lou / www.cafeloulou.com / 106 sears avenue / the artichoke and spinach roll here is fantastic / order it with a side of sautéed veggies and it can easily serve two for carryout

el mundo

el mundo / www.502elmundo.com / 2345 frankfort avenue / top shelf margarita / chips and house salsa / chili rellenos / this mexican restaurant in crescent hill is super funky and fun / the first floor is super tiny, but looks are deceiving / they have a larger dining room and covered patio in the back (beware of the train) / the margaritas are super tasty and the chili relleno is awesome!




sapporo / www.sapporojapanese.com / 1706 bardstown road / i love sushi here! / we get the salad with ginger dressing and vegetable rolls, avocado, cucumber and mixed vegetable / you cannot go wrong with sushi here. it’s the best in town and super consistent!

yang kee noodle

yang kee noodle / www.yangkeenoodle.com / 7600 shelbyville road / i love to split an order of 2 vegetable spring rolls and the firecracker vegetable noodles with my husband for carryout / i order it with extra broccoli, snow peas and water chestnuts rather than tofu or chicken


asiatique / www.asiatiquerestaurant.com / 1767 bardstown road / sauvignon blanc / portobello salad with goat cheese, asian pesto, balsamic, ginger and soy vinaigrette / vegetable tempura orgy / grilled veggies with balsamic drizzle / happy hour is fun here / get some small plates to split with friends over wine in this cool interior

august moon

august moon / www.augustmoonbistro.com / 2269 lexington road / sancerre / vegetable spring roll / sauteed vegetables in spicy basil sauce / chocolate torte / the interior here is cool and minimal and the food is phenomenal / this is my daughter’s favorite restaurant and we always let her get a piece of chocolate torte to finish her meal




papalino’s / www.papalinospizza.com / 947 baxter avenue / this is the best pizza in this city hands down / i order my slice with kalamata olives, oven roasted tomatoes, and sautéed spinach with garlic / with a super casual atmosphere and great location, this is can’t miss!


diorio’s / 310 wallace avenue / when it’s been crazy and we just want to grab a fun dinner, we get a slice here / i order mine with artichokes, tomatoes, garlic and spinach


luigi’s / www.luigispizzeria.com / 712 west main street / luigi’s is awesome / i love to stop in for a slice of spinach pizza when i am downtown!



homemade pie and ice cream kitchen

homemade pie and ice cream / www.piekitchen.com / 10 locations / my husband loves the carrot cake / i love the iced sugar cookies as birthday treats at parties / the chocolate chip cookies are my decadent pick

kizito cookies

kizito cookies / www.kizito.com / 1398 bardstown road / these are the best cookies around! i may have been guilty of eating one instead of lunch in high school! perhaps! / the cookie lady is frequently present at fairs and the like, selling her delicious goodies / fall makes me excited for the pumpkin chocolate chip variety!

comfy cow

comfy cow / www.comfycow.com / 1301 herr lane # 118 / this place is super famous! / i am usually a chocoholic, but the salty caramel ice cream here is super yummy! / just the smell of this store is a treat!

cake flour

cake flour / www.cakeflouronmarket.com / 909 east market street / a natural baking company / the cupcakes here are a real treat / i order the carrot cake variety and some chocolate for my husband’s birthday / the packaging and presentation is also excellent

plehns bakery

plehn’s / www.plehns.com / 3940 shelbyville road / when giving a thank you gift, i often run into plehn’s for a dozen chocolate chip cookies in a gift box with a ribbon and sticker (people appreciate the gesture) / they also have great pastries and fun cakes for kid bithday parties


grab and go / gourmet groceries

pauls fruit market

paul’s fruit market / www.paulsfruit.com / 3905 chenoweth square / paul’s is quite possibly my favorite place on earth! / they have a great deli for sandwiches and boxed lunches, and they stock the best gourmet groceries around / they have sensational produce and the best fresh squeezed orange juice ever / the plants here are gorgeous and hardy, and the staff is knowledgible, helpful and friendly / the best ever!!

the cheddar box

the cheddar box / www.cheddarbox.com / 3909 chenoweth square / house salad / pimento cheese / benedictine / this drop in food shop is a gem / when you don’t have time to cook or don’t want to, stop here for homemade and delicious southern comfort foods

beargrass christian farmers market

beargrass christian farmer’s market / www.smfarmersmarket.com / 4100 shelbyville road / every saturday 8 am - 12 pm / hydrangeas / omelets / kettle corn / tomatoes / baby eggplant / basil / bread / coffee and more / this has been heralded as the best urban market in the state / don’t miss it!

gemelli wines

gemelli wines / www.gemilliwines.com / 3626 brownsboro road / this is a well edited selection of wines / they also carry a selection of olive oils, cheeses, blue dog breads, and other fine foods

lotsa pasta

lotsa pasta / www.lotsapastalouisville.com / 3717 lexington road / the best marinara ever / fresh pastas of course / artichoke panini / when looking for gourmet to to or stocking up for a weeks worth of fantastic meals you cannot go wrong here / don’t overlook the spice department!


louisville made favorites

marks feed store original bbq sauce

mark’s feed store “original” bbq sauce / the perfect spicy tangy sauce / perfect for bbq black bean burgers / available at www.marksfeedstore.com

bourbon barrel foods sourghum

bourbon barrel food’s sourghum / a great substitute for honey on your cheese plate / available at www.bourbonbarrelfoods.com

henry bains sauce

henry bain’s sauce from the pendennis club / available at paul’s / the best marinade and sauce / great for portobellos, served with asparagus

Cheers! - lh

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