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The North End Cafe

this is the first piece in a series about my picks in town. i love louisville and there are wonderful restaurants here! from dives to fine dining, there is something to suit every taste. here are some really great places to have lunch and brunch. bon appetit!


north end café / www.northendcafe.com / 1722 frankfort avenue / i love the migas, 3 eggs scrambled with tortilla chips, cheddar, and jalapenos, garnished with salsa / my kids love the pancakes and hot chocolate

Wild Eggs

wild eggs / www.wildeggs.com / 1311 herr lane / iced latte / surfer girl omelet, fresh spinach, wild mushrooms, tomato, cream cheese and onion, topped with diced fresh avocado, pico de gallo, sour cream and fresh alfalfa sprouts

Toast on Market

toast / www.toastonmarket.com / 620 east market / hot tea / mediterranean omelet - roasted red onions, red peppers, black olives and feta cheese

Twig and Leaf

twig and leaf / 2122 bardstown road / this is my favorite greasy spoon / iced tea and the southwest scramble, two eggs scrambled with jalapenos, diced onions, black olives and jack cheese in a tortilla, topped with salsa and sour cream, served with twig taters

Nancy's Bagel and Grounds

nancy’s bagel grounds / www.nancysbagels.com / 2101frankfort avenue / iced latte and a tomato herb bagel with veggie cream cheese, tomatoes and sprouts



Blue Bog Bakery and Cafe

blue dog bread / www.bluedogbakeryandcafe.com / 2868 frankfort avenue / iced tea /artichoke panini / wheatberry salad / a loaf of artisan cereal bread for later / perfect place for a lunch with your girlfriends

Stevens and Stevens

stevens and stevens / www.stevensandstevensdeli.com / the mid city underground / swiss, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts with a side of lemon dill mayo / a side of the tomatoes alfresco pasta salad, bowtie pasta with goat cheese, basil, sundried tomatoes, balsamic dressing and topped with toasted almonds

Napa River Grill

napa river grill / www.napariverlouisville.com / 1211 herr lane / lunch / chardonnay / spaghetti squash ratatouille / this is the perfect spot for a fancy lunch date

Hillbilly Tea

hillbilly tea / www.hillbillytea.com / 120 south first street / big earl’s tea / watermelon salad with arugula, radishes, whipped goat cheese, walnuts and cherry vinaigrette


sidebar / www.sidebarwhiskeyrow.com / 129 north second street / iced tea / hummus served with carrots, red pepper, cucumber and warm pita / thai peanut salad - mixed greens, red peppers, cucumber, edamame, carrots, honey lime vinaigrette, thai peanut sauce / when downtown duck into this new hip spot / the interior is super cool and the service is fantastic!

wiltshire bakery and cafe

wiltshire bakery and cafe / www.wiltshirepantry.com / 901 barrett avenue / iced tea / vegetarian chop salad - avacado, corn, hard boiled egg, red onion, feta, pepitas, sweet red wine vinaigrette / the wilsthire pantry has just opened this charming little lunch spot / what a gem!

j gumbos

j gumbo’s / www.jgumbos.com / 6 locations / i know this is a chain, but the bumblebee stew is just too good to leave out! / yellow corn, stewed tomatoes, black beans and onions in a sweet and spicy cream sauce, served over rice / insanity!


shiraz / www.shirazmg.net / 4 locations / the grilled vegetable kabob with tzatziki sauce is fantastic

Cheers! - lh

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