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if you want to take a weekend getaway, chicago is just the place. this time of year the weather is fantastic and you can enjoy culture, dining and the beach too! we recently went up to catch an exhibit that i had been wanting to see for a while. we also wanted to see some new things and have a few great meals! it was the perfect getaway! check out these places that could make the perfect weekend jaunt!

​magritte / the mystery of the ordinary / through october 13 / art institute of chicago / 111 south michigan avenue / / i loved this exhibit the first time i saw it and it gave me a fresh perspective on the meaning of art and its place in civilization / i want to share with my children how art relates to history, literature, current events and society as a whole. i want them to understand that it is a unique form of expression and communication of what the artist is experiencing in the world that surrounds them / i trek them to many museums, and want to open the dialogue of what i gain from art / this surrealist exhibit again refreshed my perspective on the human experience and reminded me to look beyond first glances

rush street shopping

shopping in chicago is great, and rush street is my favorite place to have brunch and browse! you have madewell, scoop nyc and ted baker. it is always fun to browse designer goods in person and ogle fantastic handbags! a stop into barneys always makes me happy too!



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architecture cruise / / we took this boat cruise which took us down the river to see the chicago skyline and the to see the fireworks / the cruise ended with a river tour of chicago architecture / this was a fun evening out and could not have been a more awsome way to see the foreworks / fall river cruises are every bit as fantastic too! / they give you an in depth tour of the architecture of chicago and the history behind it!


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rosebud on rush / / 720 north rush street / i love to sit on the patio and enjoy a late lunch here / the food is great, classic italian fare and the bistro chairs on the sidewalk patio are picturesque / kim crawford chardonnay and the eggplant salad / yummy!!!


crosby’s kitchen / / 3455 north southport avenue / this place was fun / the music was great and the service was spot on and the food was really great too! try the artichoke, the remoulade it super tasty / the john daly - sweet tea flavored vodka with lemonade / grilled artichoke / veggie burger and grilled asparagus


fred’s / 15 east oak street / brunch at fred’s is the best / with patio views of lake michigan and perfect service, you cannot go wrong / prosecco / asparagus and mushroom frittata topped with parmesan


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eno / / 505 north michigan avenue / this wineroom is located in the intercontinental hotel and is the perfect place to pop in for a bite and a glass of wine / malbec / mushroom flatbread with truffle pesto and ricotta / oven dried tomato brushetta with goat cheese and mint


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sprinkles cupcakes atm / / 50 east walton street / my kids are nuts for sprinkles cupcakes and i have to say, the dark chocolate is awesome! / the atm is fun and the perfect way to enjoy a cupcake anytime!


image credit: southport corridor chicago

jeni’s splendid ice cream / / 3404 north southport avenue / jeni’s ice creams is a hotspot! the lines are out the door for these sweet treats! they have some pretty fun flavors, like peach and sun tea sorbet, too! i tried the askinosie dark milk chocolate and it was super yummy!!

Cheers! - lh

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