Lexington Update


There is nothing better than getting away to Lexington on a pretty summer day. We went recently to check out some new things and some of our favorite places.


We like to take the Versailles exit and take Old Frankfort Pike into town. It’s the perfect way to take in the bluegrass!


We stopped for lunch at Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen and it was fantastic! We love the salads, the fruit iced teas and the cool interior. I had the Tuscan Salad, which was full of artichokes, fresh mozzarella, red peppers and kalamata olives! Yummy!! Harper had the Bluegrass Blackberry Salad and Watermelon Lemonade and Dan had the Acapulco Caesar. They both looked great!

Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen / www.vinaigrettesaladkitchen.com / 113 N. Broadway



Our next stop was Michler’s, which is amazing greenhouse and nursery! The plants here are unique and fantastic and the vibe is magical! I love that they have opened an outdoor restaurant, Kentucky Native. It looks really wonderful and we are planning to come back!


They have the most interesting plants and I love the green wall!


Michler’s / www.michlers.com / 417 East Maxwell Street



Our next stop was National Provisions, which has expanded so much with a grocery, beer hall, restaurant and bakery. Every inch of this establishment is cool and inspiring and we want to savor it all! We picked up a beautiful baguette and some macarons for the kids and have this on our list too!

National Provisions / www.facebook.com/pages/National-Provisions / 264 Walton Avenue

We wandered around checking out our old haunts like Ashland Park. We picked up some summer reading material at the Morris Book Shop where we were helped by staff member complete with roller skates and rainbow tube socks. Things like this are the reason Lexington stays unique!!


Our last stop was the Pepper Campus in the Distillery District. There are a ton of cool things that are starting to open here. There are several restaurants that we are coming back to enjoy! The night was pretty and it was the perfect moment to savor outside enjoying a beer from Ethereal Brewing and looking over the town branch.


Harper and Jackson’s evening was complete with a visit to Crank & Boom Ice Cream Lounge!



The interior is really industrial and very cool. The kids were absolutely thrilled to create their own ice cream sandwiches that looked pretty insane!


Crank & Boom / www.crankandboom.com / 1170 Manchester Street

It is really cool to see so many unique and interesting things going on in Lexington! We had a fun day and are planning our next visit soon!

Cheers! - lh

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