magical 8th birthday!

magical invitations from minted

jackson turned eight in november and we wanted to celebrate. he invited his classmates to a magic show, which we had at the louisville boat club.

i found these adorable magic invitations at minted.

birthday boy is ready for the party

jackson and harper were both ready for the party to get started! we started with lunch for all of his friends before the big magic show! we had lemonade for the children and iced tea for the adults. jackson chose to serve pizza, french fries, penne with marinara and ceasar salad for the buffet. both the children and adults were happy!

cake table

we decorated the cake table with a garland, lanterns, and blue swirls!

party favors

for the favors, i found these labels at party city and used letter stamps to personalize them. i then filled the goodies with m&ms and tied them with matching raffia!

birthday party cakes

i am not going to lie, i might be handicapped in the baking department. alas. i bought the classic american chocolate cakes from costco, so that i did not poison my son’s friends.

birthday cake and candles

we found these cute personalized candles and name confetti at party city! he loved it!

table centerpieces

i put together these candy centerpieces for each table. i had the glass fishbowls from a party i had before. i put a floral foam cube in the center and arranged the suckers. i then filled each to the brim with gumballs.

magic show with steve-o

we hired steve-o magic to perform for the kids and he was fantastic. he was great at keeping them settled, engaged and entertained. he even had a rabbit and the kids were allowed to pet it!

magic tricks with steve-o

he let the kids participate in the magic tricks and even a parent too! everyone loved it!

birthday boy floating in the air

the grand finale was a trick where jackson floated in thin air! i have to say, i was very impressed!! my sweet boy had a great day with his friends!

Cheers! - lh

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