jackson's 10th birthday

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when you turn 10 on thanksgiving on the beach, it’s a celebration. since in our house, we love a party, it continued at home. jackson celebrated with his buddies from school at climb nulu, the new climbing gym!

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he had a great time with his buddies and savored it all!

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party themes are tough for tween boys, and we agreed that emojis were a great idea!

party set up small.jpg

emoji stickers and air heads made for great favors!!

party favors.jpg

jackson wanted dj equipment for his birthday and we indulged him. he is actually going to take dj classes at the guitar center and dan has set him up with a website! he enjoyed playing some tunes for his buddies!

dj jackson.jpg

the school crew had pizza and cookies and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon!

climbing gym party.jpg

seaside pool party


we decided to have an afternoon pizza party at the westside pool at seaside. this pool is pretty and calm and the perfect place to hang out with friends. we ordered super yummy pizza from pizza by the sea. we got cheese, pepperoni and margarita and some yummy greek and caesar salads! we served korbel and corona for the adults and sprite for the kids!


we had some fun decorations and the set up at the pool is the perfect setting! preppy and classic!


i ordered custom jones sodas for jackson’s party favors! they turned out cute!


jackson opted to celebrate with red velvet and chocolate donuts from the donut hole! a must when on the 30a!!


what is better than a birthday party complete with gifts from duckies! he is one lucky guy and i am one lucky mommy!! these ten years sure have been fun!!

Cheers! - lh

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