hazelnut chocolate toffee


this toffee recipe is super yummy!! toffee sounded so intimidating before i tried this and i am so glad i did it! this is a keeper for sure! the result was delicious and far better than most desserts i have made. i think this would be a huge hit if you are joining friends for a new year’s dessert buffet!

2 sticks butter

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

¼ cup water

1 cup dark chocolate chips

1 cup chopped hazelnuts

in a large pan melt butter. add sugar, water and vanilla. stir constantly until you reach precisely 300 degrees. use a candy thermometer to measure. remove immediately and pour over a silpat in a cooking sheet. let cool for a few moments and evenly distribute chocolate chips over toffee. let the chocolate melt and spread evenly over the toffee. sprinkle with hazelnuts and cool. break toffee in pieces and enjoy!

Cheers! - lh

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