wellness under $20

wellness under $20

let’s face it, the holiday season is upon us. with all the festivities and merry making comes a bit of stress. i am trying to remember to keep myself on the list of priorities this season. for me that means remembering to take a walk with my husband or keep yoga class on the schedule. it also means listening to an uplifting podcast or soothing music while running errands.

here are some keepers that are simple to mix into your routine. they will keep you well and taken care of this season. first, for those of you traveling, this defense plus supplement is a must. this rose water mist is perfect to freshen up after a long flight. baby foot, a peel, leaves your feet so, so smooth, it’s insane. if you are beach bound, sun bum spf 70 is my favorite. the scent is heavenly and the spf is my speed. at friendsgiving, the bugs on the beach were out of control. this bug repellant from coqui coqui is the perfect antidote.

when i was at the ritz in nola, i had this lavender earl grey tea and it’s perfect for relaxing. it was served with these adorable mini bonne maman honeys that are perfect for on the go or at a tea party. lastly, if you are shopping on amazon, throw these goodies in your basket. these masks are especially soothing when you pop them in the refrigerator before you use them. these exfoliating cloths do an amazing job of getting your skin silky smooth.

i hope your holiday celebrations are a time of joy and merriment! and that you get to carve out a moment to relax and pamper yourself!

defense plus tablets / nutribiotic / www.amazon.com / $18.49 for 90

mini rose hibiscus facial mist / herbivore / www.urbanoutfitters.com / $16

baby foot lavender exfoliating peel / baby foot / www.overstock.com / $18.99

spf 70 sunscreen lotion / sun bum / www.trustthebum.com / $15.99

mosquito repellant / coqui coqui / www.net-a-porter.com / $12

earl grey lavender black tea / revolution / www.fleetfarm.com / $3.99 for 16 sachets

honey / bonne maman / www.englishteastore.com / $9.99 for 12 1 ounce jars

aloe collagen masks / dermal korea / www.amazon.com / $8.48 for 10 individual masks

exfoliating bath mitten / skyroad / www.amazon.com / $6.70 for 4

Cheers! - lh

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