this year's list


When i turned 35 i came up with a few lofty ambitions that i would accomplish by the time i turned 40. I now see that green juice, horseback riding and playing tennis are not in the universe’s plan for me. My new bucket list is full of things that i really want to do and would totally enrich my life.

  1. Go to Tulum

  2. Got to Blackberry farm

  3. Rent an apartment in positano for a month

  4. Take a Photography class

  5. Take a blogging class

  6. Take a silversmithing class

  7. Write 400 blog posts

  8. Go to Marfa

  9. Practice yoga daily

  10. Create a spiritual practice with my husband and children

  11. Spend an hour a day dancing

  12. Spin regularly

  13. Give my kitchen a facelift

  14. Go to more concerts

  15. Have a weekly date night with my husband

  16. Draw daily

  17. Say no more often

  18. Get up early

  19. Take a cooking class with my husband

  20. Get weekly manicures

  21. Grow a field of daffodils

  22. Take a hand lettering class

  23. Teach online jewelry tutorials

  24. Join a talent agency for voiceovers

  25. Eat vegan 90% of the time

  26. Dress my dogs as frida and diego for halloween

  27. Download all the episodes of punky brewster

  28. Try every new restaurant in louisville

  29. Fill my yard with plants that attract butterflies

  30. Buy an ombre kayak

  31. Install a soaker tub in my bathroom

  32. Do warm yoga weekly

  33. Bike as a family in the Parklands

  34. Bake a fougasse loaf with rosemary and seasalt

  35. Catch more sunrises and sunsets (preferably at the beach)

  36. Buy a himalayan hammock and hang out with my husband there

  37. Go to buti yoga, silque, and pure barre platform

  38. Let my children fail and learn from it

  39. Let go of expectations and go with the flow

  40. Be grateful and know that things usually turn out okay

Cheers! - lh

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