kitchen aspirations

ice blue mixer

when it came, he and the kids started daydreaming about all the things we, read i, could make with it. i love the color, it matches my espresso machine!

my kitchen counter

i think it’s a nice addition to the kitchen counter!

bouchon bakery book

in addition to the mixer, we bought this awesome cookbook from bouchon bakery. i love bouchon bakery, everything i have had from there has been amazing. this cookbook is extremely thorough and even my husband thought it was great. now, i will not be attempting the sourdough at first. it takes seven days to make the dough and requires a bevy of equipment, including a super soaker, 10 pounds of river rocks and ten feet of chain link, to make one loaf. but the cookies seem approachable.


to add something healthy to the mix, we also got this cookbook, plenty. it’s full of beautiful and creative vegetarian recipes that i am dying to try.

Cheers! - lh

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