fun in the fall

Fall 2015 Collage 3.jpg

we have been doing all things fall these days and making the most of this beautiful time of year! we have been to pumpkin patches galore! we had to get in the spirit and get our seasonal display going! we we also able to get some of the prettiest wildflowers, too! it was fun to enjoy a cool evening around the fire while “glamping” at the boat club! earlier this fall we went to the nulu fest and it was hands down, the best street fair in town. there were some of the coolest vendors around, great food and great music too! if you didn’t make it this year, put in on the list for next year for sure! finally, halloween, the pinnacle of the season was a hit at our house. harper went as a day of the dead girl and a rockette toy soldier. a loyal wildcat, jackson went as a uk basketball star. i hope your fall has been fabulous and that you’re enjoying it!

Cheers! - lh

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