fall accessories diy

dyed silk scarves

we picked up some i dye in brilliant blue and tied rubber band around our scarf to make this pattern. we simmered the scarf in the dye mixed with vinegar for around ten minutes and let it sit in the dye for an additional hour. then we rinsed the scarf in cold water and let it dry. we were so happy with the results that we are thinking of doing infinity scarves in jewel tones for christmas gifts. you can pick up i dye at artist and craftsman supply for under $3 and silk scarves are available at www.dharmatrading.com.

ruby jade earrings

i picked out these ruby jade components and attached them to sterling angular wires. i think this hue is great for the holidays! this was super simple and no wire wrapping was necessary.

ombre sapphires

i could not pass up these beautiful sapphires. they are so pretty and delicate. for now i have them strung with a simple clasp, but who knows, come summer i may want to make them into a statement earring. these would be a great gift for a september birthday.

here’s to a creative weekend!

Cheers! - lh

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