boho blue beach

boho blue beach

summer is in full swing and that means that i am logging some hours at the pool. we all want to do that in style. i am smitten with navy and sultry summer weather brings out my boho side. i love cute cover ups and matching tory flip flops. i am a shade seeker and am also loving sun bum’s spf 70. it’s moisturizing and i love the scent. it’s a winner!

my pool buddies and i are all reading “the knock off!” it’s a fun, light read, perfect for the pool! i am also loving some turkish towels for the summer! they are light and are easy to pack up! these toms are my go to wedge every summer and i love this print! i love this tory eye palette for creating a slightly smoky eye! last but not least this cool s’well bottle keeps your drink insanely cool!

here’s to summertime living!

santorini bottle / s’well / / $35

spf 70 lotion / sun bum / / $16

thin flip flop / tory burch / / $50

poncho cover up / surf gypsy / / $58

ink woven diamond strappy wedge / toms / / $69

fun in the sun turkish towel / linum home / / $34

the knock off / lucy sykes / / $28

the cat’s meow eye palette / tory burch / / $60

Cheers! - lh

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