New year new you

This year i have decided to set a few goals. I want to embrace health and wellness in 2017. We ordered a peloton bike and I could not be more excited. I love a great spin class and the thought of being able to do one at home is fantastic. If you want the peloton experience but already have a gym membership, you can download the app. It’s $12.99 a month and they also offer “beyond the ride” classes that include yoga, cardio and strength training.

I also found this great instructor lauren kleban and her workout brand lekfit. i like the blend of dance cardio, band work and bounce. The bounce sections are done on a rebounder, which is easy on your joints and stimulates the lymphatic system. I have heard you can get great benefits from foam rolling right after rebounding so, I am going to try her video for that too! You can join laura’s workout membership for $15.99 per month and have access to all of her classes!

I saw this insanely fresh meal delivery service online and was inspired. I ordered a trio of fresh salad dressings to mix it up and make salads for lunch a lot more fun! I also got some watermelon jerky for a healthy sweet treat. I am in love with their beautiful packaging too!

I found several cute piece from fabletics where the look is super on trend, the function is great and the price is great too! I love spiritual gangster and the sayings on their tops make me smile. This bkr bottle is a fun way to hydrate in style too.

Water bottle / bkr / / $40

Gaviota leggings / fabletics / / $39.95 vip price

Bike / peloton / / $1995

Aldis tank / fabletics / / $19.95 vip price

Fitness trampoline / jumpsport / / $199.95

Lekfit / / $15.99 after free 7 day trial

Superfood salad dressing trio / sakara / / $54

Grid foam roller / trigger point / / $58.95

Ellie sports bra / fabletics / / $29.95 vip price

Watermelon jerky / sakara / / $11

Lisette high waisted leggings / fabletics / / $44.95

Find your wild chakra tank top / spiritual gangster / / $54

Cheers! - lh

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