fashion inspiration

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Sometimes i am really taken with fashion. This is one of those times. Are you ever struck by just how lovely some things are and the artistry that goes into creating them? Over the past few months i have been bowled over by designers’ creativity and the fabulous work they have produced.

I am in love with this amazing sash and the color combination on this gown. It makes me feel alive. These glasses are me all over. I love things that are over the top and glam. these earrings are so beautiful that they could make the most simple black dress beyond chic. I love this little bag. The design is so lovely. This black dress is so pretty and chic. These jeans….i mean these jeans! I love them so. And wouldn’t it be posh to pull this louboutin lip shine out of your clutch? This nail polish would be so lovely and the bottle would make an elegant addition to your vanity!

Cheers! - lh

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